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pil.jpg Byggnads, the Swedish Building Workers´ Union is the trade union organization for all those working in the construction sector.

pil.jpg Byggnads’ task is to protect the members’ interests both on the labor market and in society at large.

pil.jpg In addition, the Union must work to encourage developments in society on the basis of political, social and economic democracy.

pil.jpg The President of Byggnads is Hans Tilly.

pil.jpg The Union is organized in 24 branches which, in turn, are further divided into a total of 258 sections. Byggnads has approximately 118,000 members, of whom about 100,000 are of active working age. Byggnads covers 32 different trades including, among many others, woodworking, concrete and cement-working, construction-machinery handling, bricklaying, stone-working, floor-laying, road-building, heating and sanitary equipment installation, and dredging.

pil.jpg Byggnads is also a member of the The Building and Wood Workers International (BWI), the European Federation of Building and Wood Workers (EFBWW) and the Nordic Federation of Building and Wood Workers (NBTF). Hans Tilly is President of the NBTF.

pil.jpg Byggnads belongs to the LO, the Swedish Confederation of Trade Unions and is the fifth largest Union within it.




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